All our classes are based on an 8 week term

Pre School Gymnastics

A fun, 45 minute class with parental involvement required.  Classes are based around the fundamental movement patterns of statics, locomotions, spring, land, rotation, swing.  Children get to challenge themselves on a variety of apparatus. 

Cost $93 / term

Kiwi Gym Fun 5 - 7 years

Our recreational class for this age group utilises the NZ gymnastics Kiwi Gym Fun programme. Participants learn core skills on all the gym apparatus that will become the basis for more advanced skills.

Cost $103 / term

Incentive Awards 8+ years

Anyone 8+ can start in this programme with or without gymnastics experience.  This programme is also developed by NZ gymnastics. Gymnasts progress through various levels requiring them to develop strength and flexibility, and master an increasingly difficult set of skills and routines.  Gymnasts are invited to sit their badges when deemed ready by coaches.   

Cost $103 / term


We have recreational trampoline classes with an emphasis on safety.  We work through a careful selection of skills at each level, and ensure the skills are mastered and able to be performed in a routine before moving on to more difficult skills.  Work on the double mini tramp is also included in this class.  Minimum age 7 years. 

Cost $103 / term

Advanced Recreational Gymnastics / Trampoline

We have longer classes with more advanced skill learning for those who are working towards level 4 and above gymnastics incentive awards, or have passed level 4 tramp.

1.5 hour class - cost $125.   Gymnastics 2 hour class - cost $154.


No experience necessary, anyone 8+ can start.  Sports Aerobics (AER) is based on the ability to perform continuous complex and high intensity movement patterns to music. The routines demonstrate flexibility, power, strength and compulsory elements to varying levels of difficulty.  Our classes will follow the gymnastics NZ Incentive Award programme.

Cost $103 / term

Team Gym

This class is the basis for a fun, exciting competitive team form of gymnastics involving group floor routines, fast tumbling and fast group mini tramp performance.    We can arrange a trial if you would like to join, so we can ensure people end up in an approriate group.  Send us an email if you are interested!

2 hours, cost $154.


Tumbling is a 2 hour class for gymnasts with some experience who are at least able to do a cartwheel / roundoff  and a good handstand.  The class will have a groups at different levels, so if you would like to try this class get in touch for a trial and we can place you in an appropriate group.

2 hours, cost $154.

Competitive Trampolining

An invitational squad who training several times per week and travel to other NZ centres to take part in national competitions.